Just like our furry friends, each one of our pet sitters has a different look and personality. While we all come from different backgrounds and have different talents and interests, we have a few common elements that make us similar: We are all responsible, dependable pet lovers!

Dana earned a master’s degree from the University of Illinois in 2001 and soon after started Chicago Pet Sitters. Today, she runs Chicago Pet Sitters with the help of her pups and an amazing group of dog walkers and pet sitters!

Alec is originally from Massachusetts but moved to Chicago for school and recently graduated from DePaul University with a degree in English. When he isn’t taking care of pets with CPS you can find him playing drums in a jazz trio or curled up with a good book and his two year old cat Noodle!

Alison grew up in the wilds of the North Chicago suburbs. She earned her degree in International Studies and French from the University of Illinois. When she’s not kitty sitting, she loves to learn new languages, swim, and curl up (cat-like) with a good book.

Andrew, a graduate of the University of Virginia, is Chicago Pet Sitters’ Field Operations Manager. When he’s not working with our staff, he’s working toward his accreditation to become a dog trainer!

Caitlin is a graduate from the Theatre School at DePaul University. A native of Iowa, she has now lived in Chicago 4 years. When not helping CPS, she’s taking care of her lab/pointer mix Max.

Carolyn, Chicago Pet Sitters’ Operations Manager, moved to Chicago from Brighton, Michigan in the fall of 2016. When she’s not working with staff and clients, and spends her time painting colorful Bob Ross style landscapes, baking goodies for her roommates and practicing yoga!

Carrie is an Evanston native who graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign with a degree in Spanish. She grew up with (yellow) Labrador retrievers but has a soft spot for all breeds! During her free time, Carrie is exploring the city and learning to get along with her new roommates–and their cat!

Cathy is a former managing editor of a pet-related trade magazine who has turned her lifelong love for cats into a pet-sitting career. One of the first things she did upon moving from central Illinois to Chicago in the early 90s was to start volunteering at a cat shelter, and she has been involved with the animal welfare community in one way or another ever since. When not caring for her own clowder and a colony of feral cats in her alley, she enjoys biking, reading and volunteering at her neighborhood food pantry.

Chris has lived in Chicago all his life and has loved dogs for perhaps even longer than that. When he’s not working for Chicago Pet Sitters, he can be found freelance writing, performing sketch and stand-up comedy, and playing board games. His dreams include owning several dogs, and his much more ridiculous dreams include someday becoming a dog himself.

Cydney graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in acting! She recently moved to Chicago and is pursuing her career now in the city! She’s very excited to be with Chicago Pet Sitters and get to hang out with the coolest cats in Chicago.

Dan is a Chicago native. He is an avid cyclist and is obsessed with jiu jitsu and his Irish setter, Alainn.

Derek is currently living in Chicago to pursue an audio-engineering degree from Columbia College. In the meantime, he writes and records music, collects tapes/vinyl and pals around town with the best dogs on the planet! As a kid he begged his parents and even wrote up a contract to get a dog in the family. 🙂

Joe grew up on a horse ranch in Alabama but claims Louisiana heritage after spending 11 years loving the culture of Baton Rouge. His favorite pets were a Great Pyrenees from his childhood as well as a tabby cat named Kramer.

Jessica is a California native who somehow turned out to love Chicago. An avid reader, yoga teacher, and future PT student, Jessica loves spending time with furry creatures big and small, including her two cats (Leia and Aurra) at home!

Kathryn, who comes from the world of hospitality, has been a resident of Chicago for 2 years and has been loving it so far. When she’s not taking care of animals, she’s eating delicious food, hanging with friends and exploring the city. She hopes to own a four-legged friend very soon but in the meantime she’s happy to help you out with yours!

Kyle is a writer and independent filmmaker, currently pursuing his MFA in Screenwriting at Maharishi University of Management.
Growing up, his father bred and raised golden retrievers, so he’s used to being surrounded by dogs. Now he’s brought his love of animals to Chicago Pet Sitters!

Kyle J
Kyle recently moved to Chicago and is enjoying his time here with his cat, Zorro. When he’s not working with CPS he is probably playing piano or doing something involved with music. He loves all animals and also likes to do yoga.

Leigh is a graduate from Michigan State University. As a mixed-media artist, she’s often capturing her love for animals in books and illustrations as well as murals and greeting cards!

Lisa is a Wisconsin native with almost 7 years in Chicago. She earned her Master’s degree in Counseling from DePaul University and works with adults around career exploration and the job search in addition to caring for the wonderful animals with CPS. A life-long cat lover, she took her first steps toward the family feline and has continued that tradition with her own beloved cat Maddie for the past 10 years.

Mae is an artist and avid reader living in Ukrainian Village. When she’s not walking dogs or visiting cats for Chicago Pet Sitters, you can probably find her at home cuddling with her tortoiseshell kitty, Greta!

Rachel is a pet lover by day and an actor by night! She moved to Chicago from Nashville in 2012 and has loved every minute of it! When she is not auditing and performing, she is taking care of her two kitties, Link and Zelda. She is very proud to be a part of Chicago Pet Sitters!

Stefan moved to Chicago from Madison in 2015 where he was finishing up his graduate studies. Having grown up with terriers (and for a brief while a guinea pig) throughout his childhood, he also retains a particular fondness for his former black lab, Jasmine. In addition to his association with CPS, he enjoys engaging with the local Chicago Shambhala community along with exploring his interests in Integrally-informed arts and education.

Tommy grew up in the Western Suburbs of Chicago and graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from Saint Mary’s University in Winona, MN. When he’s am not working with Chicago Pet Sitters or as a Realtor with Fulton Grace he likes to run/bike the lakefront, hang out with friends and family, and enjoy everything Chicago has to offer!