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Unwittingly Poisoning Your Pet?

Most of us with furry family members have quite deliberately (and happily) traded a pristine environment for the privilege of sharing our hearts and homes with our animal companions. However, we also tend to do more cleaning than people without ...
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Home Remedies for Emergencies

Many pet parents look in their cabinets first to treat minor health issues in their animal companion. There are a number of household items many people have on hand that can serve a dual purpose as health remedies. Good things ...
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Truth About Prescription Foods

A class action lawsuit alleges that pet food manufacturers Nestle Purina, Mars Petcare, and Hill’s Pet Nutrition, pet supply chain PetSmart, and veterinary chains Banfield Pet Hospital and BluePearl Vet all conspired with each other to falsely promote “prescription” pet ...
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Reasons Cats Get Diabetes

Diabetes is a complex endocrine disease that is unfortunately very common in cats today. We don't yet know all the causes of the disorder (more about that shortly), but we do know that many diabetic cats improve significantly once they're ...
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Tell-Tale Emotional Signs That Owners Often Miss

As a pet owner, it’s important to take the time to get to know your pooch — not only, for instance, that her favorite toy is the squeaky pig or that she often forgets to bring said pig in from ...
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Dog Food

What’s for Dinner?

Chicago Pet Sitters is extremely interested in the health and well being of your pet. While we offer dog walking and pet sitting, we are also big advocates of a healthy diet. Have you ever taken a look at what ...
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Teeth: To Brush or Not to Brush?

By Melissa Giese Do you make brushing your teeth part of your daily routine? Can you imagine going to your annual visit to the dentist having done nothing to care for your teeth in the year since your last professional ...
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Cases of Marijuana Intoxication

By Melissa Giese As of November 2014, four states had approved the use of marijuana as a recreational drug, and it appears that marijuana is becoming more widely accepted across the nation. Not surprisingly, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center ...
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Rescue Group Turns CPS Office Into Adoption Center

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Local Dog Rescue One Tail at a Time Turns Chicago Pet Sitters Office Into New Adoption Center Rescue group launches massive fundraiser to open the doors by August 1 CHICAGO, IL, June 3, 2015 - [] One ...
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Canine Influenza Outbreak

Over the past month, Chicago has been plagued with an outbreak of the canine influenza virus, a respiratory infection that is highly contagious. While not contagious to humans, pet owners can pass the illness on to other dogs if they ...
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